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Welcome to Tunisia Surgery Website, the specialist in orthopaedic and cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.

We offer all kind of solutions for orthopaedic diseases and cosmetic surgery, and of course, other medical and surgical treatments.

If you need an optimum care in orthopaedic and cosmetic surgery within a reasonable budget, and a fixed price before travelling, please don't hesitate to look for all details on Tunisia Surgery Website.

Treatment packages include all steps – airport pick-up, surgery, post-surgery care, medical rehabilitation and hotel stay.


Why choose Tunisia?

We work with highly qualified and recognized surgeons, who were trained in famous European hospitals. Our clinics comply with Europeans standards and our prosthesis are all European-made.

At the same time, we are cost-competitive, partly thanks to a favourable exchange rate, and we provide a welcoming and relaxing environment.


Orthopaedic and cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.

Welcome to O-Medical the specialist in surgery abroad.

If you decide to have medical treatment in Tunisia, O-Medical is ready to offer a complete and well studied solution that fit your needs.

We are able to orgnise all steps of your staying in Tunisia.

You can send your medical records and also you have the possibility to contact directly surgeons.

As a mediterranean country, Tunisia is knowon by its soft climate as well as its warm people.

What are you waiting to choose Tunisia?

O-Medical : orthopaedic and cosmetic surgery in Tunisi